Poetic Licence

Never Noticed…

If I really were in love

I would notice

so much more about her

than I do.


The way she laughs

head back


hand on knee.


A hand that brushes

her fringe aside

reapplies lipstick

after every wine.


She pins her hair

and repins her hair

as she speaks

as she listens.


The green of her eyes

the glow of her skin

or her lips

I never noticed her lips.


Her giggle

a rearranged skirt

a  straightened necklace

oblivious to her charms.


The way she says no

when she really means yes

her ability to persuade

to be persuaded.


Her self-doubt

her fragility

her search for inner calm

her vanity.


Thank goodness I never noticed

any of this

or I might just think

I was in love.

As Dreams Take Flight

I’ll sit amongst the trees today

And watch their branches sway

I’ll imagine that they’re fanning a breeze

To set you on your way.

I’ll lie upon the blades of grass

And make angels in the earth

I’ll wish that they could come to life

To prove to me love’s worth.

I’ll run along the esplanade

And watch the seagulls glide

I’ll let them lead me down a  path

I’ll let them be my guide.

I’ll follow them to the water’s edge

And say a little prayer

Of thanks for the fun we’ve had

The memories we’ll share.


Music – Richard Rogers, lyrics – Oscar Hammerstein & Me.

Drinking at lunch time and long into night time

Partying all night and trying to score a line

Not going home to the fat lady sings

These are a few of my favourite things

Walking home barefoot with high heels in handbags

Thinking you’re hotter than models in fashion mags

Falling asleep in a taxi driven by Singh

These are a few of my favourite things

Girls with their tits out and bums out and fake tan

Vomiting in bushes while the blokes drain their beer cans

Ordering kebabs and pizza and chicken wings

These are a few of my favourite things

When the glassing starts

When the cops come

When I’m arrested with the lads

I simply remember my favourite things

And then I don’t feel so bad.

by caz.

Before You

I wonder if the sky

was as blue before I met you

Or if the stars shone quite as brightly in the dark?

Were puppies just as cute

and did wine taste just as sweet

when I drank it without you?

Did flowers bloom as prettily

did birds fly round so gracefully

were people just as nice before I knew you?

You’ve made me see the light in life

and all the good that surrounds me.

I wonder when the Winter comes

will you still be around me?

by caz