Reading. Writing. Laughing with friends. Pear cider. Movies. Shirley MacLaine. Absolutely Fabulous. Oscar Wilde. Brenda Blethyn. Warm weather. Minature ponies. New York City. Vanity Fair. Toffee. Brilliant displays of imagination. Judi Dench. Artistic tendencies. Good spelling. Joan Didion. Wine. Meryl Streep. My dog. Lipstick. Crossword puzzles. Nora Ephron. The beach. Waking up happy. Stephen Fry. My grandma. Music. The golden years of Hollywood. QI. Sue Sylvester. Youtube. The big wide world. Helen Mirren. People and their foibles. Annie Leibovitz. Coffee. Dusty Springfield. Listening in on conversations. Good design. Bookshops. Colin Firth. Tacos. Beautiful spaces. My mum and dad. Woody Allen. Gingerbread. Theatre that blows my mind. The Guggenheim. Open spaces. The Golden Girls. Julie Walters. Tim Winton. Gelati. Water. Courage. Intelligence. Curiosity.

I value my brain and my heart and my family. I am often misunderstood. That’s okay too.

These are my thoughts. Don’t pinch them.

Cheers, Carrie McCarthy.

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