Never Noticed…

If I really were in love

I would notice

so much more about her

than I do.


The way she laughs

head back


hand on knee.


A hand that brushes

her fringe aside

reapplies lipstick

after every wine.


She pins her hair

and repins her hair

as she speaks

as she listens.


The green of her eyes

the glow of her skin

or her lips

I never noticed her lips.


Her giggle

a rearranged skirt

a  straightened necklace

oblivious to her charms.


The way she says no

when she really means yes

her ability to persuade

to be persuaded.


Her self-doubt

her fragility

her search for inner calm

her vanity.


Thank goodness I never noticed

any of this

or I might just think

I was in love.

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