It’s About Time

Well, it is about time. For someone who calls themself a ‘writer’ I have been rather inactive in the writing department of late. I could blame life, and work causing me to be already brain-dead by the time I sit at my computer. I could even blame Facebook, or iTunes for that matter, for wasting all my precious spare time. But really, it’s just been me. I know I should be activating myself, but gosh isn’t it easy to just do nothing! Lovely, undemanding nothing. Maybe watch a little Law & Order, or an episode of Boston Legal – anything really, so long as it’s nothing!
BUT – here’s the thing. I miss doing something! All these thoughts buzzing through my head every day, building up so that eventually I will either explode from massive idea overload or become a schitzophrenic. Something must be done!
I was, for quite a while, intimidated by the fact that I hadn’t written anything for so long that I’d actually left it too long… That to suddenly start blogging again would be weird. Why? I don’t bloody know. I guess it’s a little like a painter staring at a blank canvas, unsure where to start. I was daunted by the prospect.

But something changed recently. I went on holiday. To New York City. I spent seven glorious weeks in NYC, and it completely revitalised me. I can still feel the energy of the city pulsating through me, my excitement levels have not decreased one little iota since returning home. Being amongst it all reawakened everything in me, and now I just don’t want to waste a single minute of this life.

So tonight, red wine in hand (or more correctly, in my bloodstream), I am feeling rather daring. Tonight I start afresh!

But perhaps I’ll just watch a little SVU before I start…

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