An Open Letter to Senator Ursula Stephens

Dr Stephens,

I have just read in a news report that you are voting against gay marriage. Aren’t you the former parliamentary secretary for Social Inclusion? I guess the word ‘former’ is the clue there. Clearly that position was not a good fit for you.

You say the vast majority of people you spoke to were against gay marriage. I wonder how many gay people, or supporters of gay marriage, you actually spoke to? Not many? Not surprising really. You probably didn’t want to get too close.

I would ask that rather than canvasing random constituents on the issue of gay marriage, you seek the opinion of people who’s lives are actually impacted by this archaeic legislation. If it doesn’t affect Mr & Mrs Jones directly, don’t ask their opinion. Especially don’t ask it in such a way as to taint the questioning by letting your own bias on the subject show through, which I suspect given your lack of support for it, you would do.

And please don’t when defending your decision say you have ‘lots’ of gay friends. I’m sure if you know any at all, they don’t consider you any friend of theirs.

You are everything that is currently wrong with Australian politics. Ignorant, unbending, out of touch with the real world, and devoid of genuine compassion (the pictures of you with children and old people on your website reek with insincerity. It’s the old pollies kissing babies thing, isn’t it?)

Gosh, you must be so proud.


Carrie McCarthy

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